What do CCC do and how do we do it?

What do CCC do?

In our 50 years of trading, CCC has supplied pre-coated material that has found its way into everyday lives – from non-stick bakeware to Polaroid cameras; newspapers to coffee machines, car sunroofs to waterproof roofing systems. Our specialism is the application of hi-tech coatings to metal coils for a wide range of industries and applications. This expertise has brought about a market leading supply to all corners of the globe.

How do we do it?

We use the ‘coil coating’ technique to apply the coating onto the metal strip. This is a highly automated, capital intensive process that cleans and prepares the metal before coating, curing and cooling the coated metal strip in a single process.

A highly controlled environment in terms of process temperatures, line speeds, paint preparation and environmental controls is designed to achieve the very best results for our customers for quality, reliability, repeatability and value.

Our job is to provide our customers with coated metal that can survive their downstream manufacturing process and retain the performance and looks required in the finished product. We cater for deep drawing, forming and other manufacturing processes to achieve the right quality at the right price. CCC has a proven track record of providing excellence, commitment and innovation that our customers can rely on.

What are the advantages of coil coating?

Using pre-coated metal has significant financial advantages and makes the manufacturing operation run smoother.  Productivity and yields are improved, while manufacturing, energy, inventory and financial costs are reduced.

Pre-coated metal reduces, or even eliminates, the major bottleneck in a finishing operation – the paint lines. Capacity constraints are minimised, potentially improving Return on Capital Employed.

The cost of complying with environmental regulations is significantly reduced, or even eliminated and the cost of the disposal of hazardous waste associated with the painting operation is also eliminated.

Scheduling problems and the costs associated with batch-type processing are minimised or removed altogether.  Since input material is more directly related to output, the processing time is reduced and with it, stocks are minimised.

The consistent quality of coil coated materials reduces the need for re-work and lowers non-conformance levels and associated costs.  Above all, using pre-coated metal allows the manufacturer to concentrate on their core competencies.

All part of the service

Partnership is at the heart of our relationships with customers. From the creation of a specification, through development and testing, to the scheduling of bulk supply we work closely with our customers to be successful. Our services include product testing, unique to our sector, that provides our customers with valuable benchmark performance data. It’s a very open and collaborative approach that has opened up long-term opportunities beyond UK and Europe into a Global market.

Into the future

Innovation opens up opportunities that extend beyond our traditional markets. The development of Diamond is a great example of how the right combination of coatings and substrate can find utility in a new application. Diamond is a unique precoated system developed for steam iron sole plates and sold into China….good to know it’s not all one way traffic!

The future is in greater levels of partnership, collaboration and innovation and with that will come greater access to new opportunities and markets. Exciting times!