Focus on David Keay

When David Keay celebrated his 60th birthday recently, with one of the best cakes we’ve seen for some time, we thought it would be appropriate to get to know a little bit more about the man behind the cake!

David joined Cooper Coated Coil in 2012 as a blanking line operative and within two years became the line supervisor running and organising the machines for cutting coated steel to length.

When asked “ What’s the most exciting part of the job?”, David is keen to stress the values of teamwork and respect;

“It’s when we have completed orders and they’re ready to go out on time. Getting the deadlines met. Sometimes we’re up against it, but it’s a team effort to get the work done. I treat everyone equal – everyone has got a role in the Company and so long as they fulfill what they need to be doing, then that’s fine by me.”

Asked about life before CCC, Dave gives us an insight into his passion for cars:-

“For 32 years I was my own boss in car sales. It was a huge career change and I loved doing that but then I turned 52, I had 13 years left in my working career and I wanted a new challenge. I did wonder how it would go after being my own boss for so long but I haven’t looked back. I still love cars now and change my car every year!”

“It’s a lovely company to work for – everyone asks about the family and take a real interest. If I see the people in the office, they ask how my granddaughter is and I ask about their kids. It’s nice that there’s a bit of care; especially at the moment with what’s going on.”