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Domestic Bakeware

The supply of pre-coated non-stick metal to the worlds bakeware manufacturers has been the core of our business for three decades. CCC has the experience and know-how to keep pace with ever changing consumer and regualtory demands of the market through careful selection of metal substrates and coatings systems. This has seen the development of CCC branded systems Glide-X and Ecobake that provides customer confidence regarding performance and pricing.

The supply specification is built up considering

  • Coatings
  • Metal Substrates
  • Finishing Service
  • Delivery logistics


Coatings are based on the use of PTFE to provide the non-stick performance. These coatings can be applied in single or multiple layers according to the required performance.

The greater the number of layers, the more specific characteristics can be brought out such as wear resistance and non-stick performance.

All interior coatings are foodsafe and are free from the use of PFOA. They are also suitable for use up to 230C* making them suitable for both baking and roasting unlike many sprayed items of Far East origin that are based on Silicone technology.


Finishing Services

Our material can be supplied cut to size in coil or sheet form.

Coils are provided on a 406 or 508mm ID at widths from 25mm to 900mm to tolerances of +/- 0.20mm.

Blanks can be cut to almost any size from a minimum 220mm x 150mm

All material is suitably packed for safe transit and according to the standard of the receiving country.


The specifications presented by CCC are underwritten by extensive testing carried out on metals and coatings that benchmark performance. These include cooking & abrasion tests as well as the testing of metal substrates to ensure that the material supplied will make the products for which it is intended.

Additionally in-line process monitoring and testing that covers adhesion, colour, flexibility and cure are performed as standard.


Delivery Logistics

Our customers are located all over the globe and we manage the logistics through our freight forwarders.

Supply is generally in 20 tonne lots by dedicated lorry or container.

Distribution into the Far East is handled by Nishitani & Co. Ltd our exclusive agency.