Baking Crazy – Bakeware Craze Goes Worldwide During Pandemic

The Coronavirus lockdown and the subsequent requirement for people to stay at home has seen home baking increase significantly worldwide. In the UK, many flour producers are doubling their production but are still struggling to satisfy demand and in other countries like Spain, flour sales have quadrupled as well as other baking staples such as yeast.

Google has also reported a significant rise in searches for bread and cake recipes. Psychologists believe that this primal need to bake is linked to people seeking comfort in times of stress or to simply satisfy cravings that are unfulfilled due to restrictions in other areas of their lives.

Whatever the reason for this upward curve in home baking, Cooper Coated Coil are playing our part in fulfilling the demand for precoated non-stick material for bakeware across the world. We have seen a significant rise in sales, starting from a fairly low base in the initial lockdown period and then increasing exponentially as more and more demand has been seen worldwide.

From Japan to the USA and from the UK to Europe, we have scaled up production to manage the increases and to ship our leading bakeware material to all corners of the globe.