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Bespoke Solutions

The challenge to providing a bespoke solution requires an open mind, flexibility in approach and a desire to innovate when a standard coating will not suffice.

CCC in partnership with our coatings and metal suppliers have a long history of providing customised solutions in many industrial applications. The wide range of metals, metal thicknesses, coatings types and manageable order quantities as well as a deep understanding of down-stream manufacturing processes makes CCC an ideal partner.

Our Development Process Pathway

Working closely with our customers, we assist in creating the most viable solution to customer needs.

We work closely with you to identify, understand and deliver products specifically to meet your needs.

We have designed custom solutions for a wide range of industries and end applications.

When it comes to designing the optimum solution, our Technical Department will be pro-active in the concept development stage. Such willingness arises from our knowledge, passion and desire to exceed your objectives. All of our bespoke solutions are carefully project managed with supply chain partners input sought at all key stages.

We offer a complete production and manufacturing service tailor made to your exact requirements. At Cooper Coated Coil, we have one of the most comprehensive coil coating lines in the world in our industry sector. Hence, our manufacturing base in Wolverhampton can produce an extensive range of pre-coated coil and sheet materials.

We can deliver your products to almost anywhere in the World.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, Cooper Coated Coil offers a full support package covering all aspects of supply.