Cooper Coated Coil Expertise Leads to New Markets

An intrinsic understanding of our products and processes has opened up new applications in markets away from our traditional base. The development of Diamond, a unique pre-coated non-stick ceramic system developed for steam iron sole plates is such an example where our close partnership with major brand OEM’s and their Far East based manufacturers has helped us to formulate, test and produce a material which holds the perfect properties for this function.

How do we do it?

Diamond is a double layer system that combines the latest non-stick ceramic coating thermally bonded to a thin aluminium substrate providing a unique blend of smooth glide and exceptional wear resistance.


CCC has worked closely with the end manufacturer to ensure that the product is completely fit for its intended purpose. Our expertise means that every aspect of the Diamond specification has been considered, from the selection of the metal and the adhesion of the coating, to the glide and durability of the finished surface.

Why are manufacturers using Diamond for sole plates?

Diamond has a range of benefits as the material for steam iron sole plates, both from a manufacturing and a consumer perspective.

For manufacturing, it was vital that Diamond was able to sit seamlessly into existing process techniques whilst being able to deliver superior quality, environmental and manufacturing cycle benefits.

Its very nature, as a pre-coated system, has ensured that the material can fit into existing processes and tooling with the minimum of investment or disruption. This allows the manufacturer to produce a higher quality, more durable product whilst reducing the production cycle times.

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For consumers, an obvious advantage of the finished material is its smoothness. The precision levelled aluminium coated with a double layer ceramic non-stick finish generates a clear distinction of quality and finish at point of sale.

A further benefit for consumers is the robustness and wear resistance of the Diamond finish so the sole-plate is more resistant to zips, buttons and rough material like denim. The aluminium base metal also provides a stable, even heat that avoids hot-spots protecting even the most delicate of materials.


What does the future hold?

Our unique understanding and expertise in coatings and applications provide countless possibilities in both the manufacturing and consumer markets. These applications are certainly not just limited to the manufacturers of domestic steam irons. We believe that through utilising our resources in our specialised production and by working closely with partners, we are able to provide innovative solutions that reduce cost and create value to our clients.