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GLIDE-X PROFESSIONAL is the ultimate 3-coat reinforced non-stick specification designed to provide market leading professional level non-stick performance from coil coating application.

The specification is recommended for utilisation in professional bakeware, high end baking & grilling as well as for use in small electrical appliances such as raclettes, rotary/air fryers and contact grills.

GLIDE-X is a registered trade mark of Cooper Coated Coil Limited and is the brand given to the ultimate performance 3-coat reinforced non-stick coating by coil coating application to the final destination.

Coating Features

GLIDE-X PROFESSIONAL is a triple layer system that utilises the latest coil coating technology thermally bonding the coating to the substrate ensuring the best performance from the metal and coating.

  1. The top coat is based on high concentration of premium grade PFTE for long lasting maximum non-stick effect.
  2. The mid coat is the strong bonding agent giving the coating durability.
  3. The highly reinforced hard base coat using ceramic particles for optimum adhesion to the substrate giving extraordinarily high wear resistance and ultra long durability.



*Dependent upon alloy/temper/width


No of Layers 3
Coating thickness μm 22-25
Re-inforced base coat Yes
Curing Temperature ˚C 380
In use temperature ˚C 250
Scratch resistance ****
Abrasion resistance *****
Corrosion resistance *****
Stain resistance *****
Non-stick Effect *****

Testing Methods


  • Suitability for Food Contact
  • Visual aspect
  • Coating thickness
  • Adhesion
  • Flexibility

Non-stick Tests

  • Chicken Roaster test
  • Steak test
  • Baking test

Presentation of Material

GLIDE-X PROFESSIONAL is packaged according to the standards of the receiving country and despatched by lorry or container to the final destination.

Finishing Service

GLIDE-X PROFESSIONAL can be supplied cut to size in coil and sheet form Coil Slitting

Sheet Blanking

Further Processing

GLIDE-X PROFESSIONAL is formulated to withstand further processing such as:

  • Deep drawing
  • Folding & roll forming
  • Punching, notching and perforating
  • Protective polymask film can be applied for additional security

These processes should be discussed in advance to ensure compatibility of the substrate.
The Trial Approval Process is there to ensure that GLIDE-X PROFESSIONAL works through the further processing to arrive at the consumer looking good and performing well.