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Diamond non-stick ceramic coating system has been specially developed for use as a sole plate for domestic steam irons and is the result of technologically advanced coatings applied to precision rolled metal by modern process techniques.

The material is supplied pre-coated with every aspect of the specification considered from the selection of the metal, the composition of the coating and the thermal adhesion of the coating to provide the unique and outstanding performance for both consumer and manufacturer.

Diamond is a registered trade mark of Cooper Coated Coil Limited and is the brand given to the specially developed coating system for domestic steam iron sole plates.

Coating Features

The double layer system that utilises the latest coil coating nano-technology thermally bonding the coating to the aluminium substrate ensuring the best performance from the metal and coating.

These two layers in combination offer the unique blend of smooth glide and exceptional wear.



Diamond is supplied on 0.40mm aluminium substrate as standard.

The precision rolled high tensile grade provides the optimum smooth and durable surface.

It can be processed using the same tooling as stainless steel without any further tooling investment.

The clearance gap between the cast base and the iron sole plate is the same as with stainless steel and the connection is just as secure.

It offers the best thermal conductivity giving a natural advantage over stainless steel and avoiding unwelcome hot-spots.

Heat Distribution

The use of Aluminium provides the soleplate with a natural advantage over stainless steel regarding superior heat conductivity.



The raw materials and process for Diamond are free from heavy metals – Cadmium, Chromium V1, Lead & Mercury and substances in accordance
with international directives and regulations.

Testing & Performance

The main performance features of Diamond non-stick ceramic coating are:

  • Durability – significantly higher than traditional non-stick irons
  • Even heat distribution – especially against stainless steel sole plates
  • Smoothness & Glide

Every production is measured and tested to ensure that the specification is met

  • Dry film thickness
  • Colour & visual aspects
  • Adhesion (cross-hatch test)
  • Abrasion test