A unique process
that ensures the finest
possible results
for the cook

Distinctly Different

CCC was the first company in the world to provide the kitchenware market with pre-coated non-stick metal and has continued to lead the market for over 30 years in developing new systems providing choice and performance at the right price points.

What is GlideXTM

GlideXTM technology has been invented to be a superior, hard wearing and durable non-stick. It is bonded directly onto your bakeware to ensure that it keeps performing like new every time.

The Science Behind GlideXTM
  • The majority of today’s heavyweight bakeware uses a sprayed on non-stick coating which can easily flake off. This flaking causes the non-stick layer to quickly break down and food begins to stick to your pan.
  • But GlideXTM technology is different. The results of years of research, testing and refinement. This unique process ensures the finest possible results for the cook.
  • All GlideXTM products are made without the use of PFOA.
The GlideX process ensures the non-stick is bonded directly to the surface, which results in uniform thickness and eliminates weak spots.

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