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We assist in creating
the most viable solution
to customer needs

The Process

Working closely with our customers, we assist in creating the most viable solution to customer needs with their R&D departments.
  • We work closely with you to identify, understand and deliver products specifically to meet your needs. We have designed custom solutions for a wide range of industries and end applications.
  • When it comes to designing the optimum solution, our Technical Department will be pro-active in the concept development stage. Such willingness arises from our knowledge, passion and desire to exceed your objectives. All of our bespoke solutions are carefully project managed with supply chain partners input sought at all key stages.
  • We offer a complete production and manufacturing service tailor made to your exact requirements. At Cooper Coated Coil, we have one of the most comprehensive coil coating lines in the world in our industry sector. Hence, our manufacturing base in Wolverhampton can produce an extensive range of pre-coated coil and sheet materials.
  • We can deliver your products to anywhere in the World.
  • To ensure complete customer satisfaction, Cooper Coated Coil offers a full support package covering all aspects of supply.
We are approached by customers to provide solutions to new markets or products that they are looking into.

If you’d like to discuss your individual requirements with us then please contact us using the link below:

How we do it

How we do it

We find the solutions to our customer’s problems.
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How we do it

Identifying your Needs

Using the knowledge, passion and creativity of our highly skilled team, we are able to design a bespoke specification tailored to suit your needs.

Our experienced Sales and Technical teams will work closely with you to identify your detailed specification, providing support through the initial trial and approval process. This design and trial stage underpins our commitment towards \’quality\’ and ‘customer focus\’.

Specification Design

Our strict quality control procedures ensure that every specialist application involves you at all stages: consultancy, design, review, approval, prototype, test and customer inspection. Each of these stages involves ‘continuous improvement philosophy’ thus making sure that we create the perfect solution.

Once a design has been finalised, we provide you with the full specification to give you total product support. In fact, irrespective of the project size, we\’re able to supply all our products with full documentation and certification. Thus, ensuring you meet your stringent safety, legislative and quality requirements.

Production & Manufacture

In addition to our coil coating facilities, we can offer a complete range of additional services (e.g. slitting, blanking and surface treatment). Such internal processes allow us to provide the client with complete, bespoke products in pre-coated aluminium and steel.

In order to ensure your material exhibits the desired levels of performance, we thoroughly test your material at the following intervals:

  • Pre-manufacture
  • In Line process
  • Post-manufacture
Packaging & Delivering

Once your material has been produced, every effort is made to ensure the safe and prompt delivery of your product. Hence, we provide an option of two packaging types:

  • Standard pallets or stillages
    Goods are palletised and wrapped in a super-tough water repellant film.
  • Boxed
    For extra security, goods are placed in two wooden boxes. This is Ideal for container transport by land or sea.

During the specification design, your Account Manager will discuss your specific packaging and handling requirements. This will provide us with your handling techniques, storage methods and health & safety requirements. In turn, we can then create a suitable ‘pre-delivery specification’ (e.g. arrangement of coils, placement of stock).

  • Delivery location:
    We can deliver anywhere in the world.
  • Delivery method:
    All items are sent via a specialist delivery service.
  • Delivery tracking:
    Comprehensive tracking for latest arrival information.
Customer Support

Your Account Manager will review on a regular basis such matter as product performance, product quality and customer service.

All findings are used to improve our organisational processes, thus improving our customer satisfaction levels.



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Contact Us

Our customers are our primary focus and meeting their needs is our main priority.
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